Speeding Ticket Cheat Sheet
Discover the best ways to avoid getting a speeding ticket, including high-­tech solutions and little known tricks for blending in with traffic.
Inside you’ll discover:
  • Find out how to become invisible to cops
  • 13 insider tips for avoiding speeding tickets and the hefty fines, higher insurance premiums, and loss of license they can lead to.
  • Discover how you can calibrate your speedometer­ you’ll be surprised at how easy and quick it is!
  • Learn how you can enjoy a more relaxed driving experience and greater confidence behind the wheel ­ while outsmarting the system with safe, efficient driving.
“When cities in the US remove traffic ticket revenue from their budgets and law enforcement actively enforces the rules of the road for safety rather than revenue generation, we will gladly stop manufacturing and selling radar scrambling products.”
Michael Churchman, President, Rocky Mountain Radar     
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