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What if you could spend $225 to not get a speeding ticket again?
BONUS (Value up to $250)
We’re so sure that the RMR C435 Laser/Radar Detector & Scrambler will make you invisible to cops - if you do get pulled over for speeding, WE’LL PAY YOUR FINE! 
If you truly want to stop getting pulled over for speeding tickets, you need the Rocky Mountain Radar C435 Laser/Radar Detector & Scrambler — ­ ­ the world’s most sophisticated radar and laser detector and scrambler.
  • Disables the officer’s speed reading equipment and makes you invisible!
  • Gives you advance warning of speed traps up to five miles away.
  • Scans 2-4 times faster than any other detector.
  • Makes it impossible for the officer's speed detection device to get an accurate reading.
  • Made in the USA
  • Best Warranty in the Industry -- 300% Better!  A 3 Year Warranty
Rocky Mountain Radar • (915) 587-0307
6469 Doniphan Dr., El Paso, TX 79932
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